Amanda’s office Christmas party was tonight.  Not only do I enjoy the free food and open bar, but we have a chance to dress up nice and go out for the Christmas party every year, which I enjoy.  On the downside, Amanda wanted me to wear some terribly uncomfortable black shoes.  They were terrible, so we stopped by… Rack Room Shoes I think, at Mayfaire and picked up some ankle high dressy boot type things, which were much more comfortable.  The old ones hurt just walking to the store.

At the party we sat with with everyone in Amanda’s department, all the accounting chicks.  I talked with all of them plus Don Senick and Laurel (whose last name I don’t know though next month it will be Senick) and Mark, the owner of Amanda’s company.  I admired that he remembered a number of details about us.  He told his wife that Amanda and I were expecting a baby and that we went to Port City Community Church too.

Amanda wanted me to be Billy Supplee’s wingman and try to help him pick up one of the waitresses, but I knew it wouldn’t work because they were so busy.  Charity ended up telling one of them that Billy thought she was cute.  Billy preferred one of them to the other, but the rest of us all thought the other one was cuter.

We got home around 10:30 or so.  Harvey stepped in poop outside then jumped on the bed, so we had to clean the sheets.

Zach Dotsey