We decided to take our annual pictures today.  We called Nick and Amy Warkentien to see if they wanted to do them with us, but they were busy so we called Anna Frazelle.  Fortunately for us, Anna was already planning on taking some more pictures of her daughters, Hannah and Kirsten Frazelle because she wasn’t totally happy with the pictures of them from last week.  In part, Hannah hadn’t been up for doing them.

So after a leisurely morning Amanda and I went to the Frazelle house on Wrightsville Beach then caught a ride with Hannah and Kirsten to the area with the shops and such.  There are several buildings in that area with cool paint jobs, and our plan, as well as Anna’s plan, was to take pictures by the yellow wall.  They went pretty well.

Duke was playing Michigan again at 3:30 and I wanted to be home to watch that.  Michael was meeting us to do pictures too, though, so I stuck around for a little bit but by the time he got there I had to head home for the game.  Amanda did a fine job with his pictures though.

There were two snags.  One was that I didn’t realize how low the batteries in the camera were, so we charged one of them up between the time we finished with our pictures and the time Michael got there.  Then I gave Amanda a memory card, but it was one that was already full.  Of course they didn’t find this out until they’d gotten to where there were going to take the pictures.  I was turning onto College when Amanda called about that, so I suggested they go back to the Frazelles’ and ask Anna if they could use her card, which they did.

Oh, Duke.  Two weeks ago, The Michigan Wolverines beat UCLA then went on to lose to Duke in the Coaches Versus Cancer tournament.  I’ll just say, they got their revenge tonight.  Duke shot terribly, just terribly, from the three point line, but they shot 72% inside the arc.  Despite this, they kept jacking up (and for the most part missing until the very end) three pointers.  Michigan beat the number four team in the country for the second time this season.  Duke lost by eight.

It was disappointing because if they had done something different or if they hit just a third of the three point attempts Duke would have won.  It was a very winnable game.  But they didn’t, and while I was, as I said, disappointed, the loss doesn’t hurt as bad as I thought it would.  It’s early in the season, Michigan wanted the game more and Duke just had a cold shooting streak.

Amanda and Michael were back for most of the second half.  Towards the end when I knew Duke was likely going to lose I got up and threw my hat on the ground.  Michael snickered and I told him to shut up, which I now feel a little bad about.  Amanda said at the time that Michael couldn’t help it because of the way I was acting.  She knows I get up about games, especially ones where Duke could loses (and could have won!), but I held my tongue.

Of course right after that Kentucky lost a game.  They were playing Miami and were down big in the second half.  The Wildcats made a great run to get back in the game in the second half but just couldn’t quite put the Hurricanes away.

Zach Dotsey