I’m sick today.  I started feeling it last night, but it’s definitely here now.  It’s pretty much just a sore throat, but my throat seems to dry up and I start coughing if I speak more than a few sentences at a time.  What really sucks about this is that I had several good sales leads today, and it’s nearly impossible to describe the web design process or go into details about search engine optimization if your voice seizes up and you start hacking every few sentences.

Amanda was very nice about it and made me a grilled cheese sandwich as soon as she got home.  She pointed out that she can take care of me, too.

Apparently Bruce and Harvey like clementines.  Clementines are small oranges that are easy to peel.  We picked some up from the grocery store recently because I complained to Amanda that since she wasn’t eating much fruit my kid wouldn’t like fruit. Anyway, we gave some slices to the dogs and they liked them.  Not a surprise with Harvey, since he’ll eat anything you put in front of him.  I didn’t think Bruce would like it though.  It took him a minute to play around with it and get used to the texture, but now he seems to really like them.

Other than all that, Amanda and I watched Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother.  After she went to bed I watched last week’s Boston Legal then I watched tonight’s, which was the two-hour series finale.  I’m a little mixed on Alan and Denny’s gay platonic marriage.  I know the show likes to be out there sometimes, and they argued the reason pretty well, but it was still a little odd.

Aside from that, the firm, Crane, Poole & Schmidt, was bought out by a Chinese corporation and the future of the main characters, particularly Alan Shore, was left up in the air.  There was also talk of starting another firm, which I guess leaves open the opportunity to bring the show back or make a spinoff.

Zach Dotsey