I was feeling much better today.  I’m still sick and, as usually seems to be the case got a little worse as it got later, but overall I felt a lot better today.  I was also able to follow up on yesterday’s sales leads.

We had small group tonight.  Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson were not there.  Justin Hauenstein got half a text message from Elliot saying he was out of… we don’t know what.  We assumed he was going to say town, but for all we knew it, Elliot and Melissa didn’t come because Elliot was out of milk.

Mike Boscaljon is out of a job right now.  Hopefully that will change soon.

The discussion tonight felt a little… lethargic, I think.  I don’t know if it was just the study guide we used or if there’s some sort of small group funk or if people are just worn out from the Christmas season or what.

Justin and Lisa stuck around for a few minutes after we were all done.  We really should hang out with them more.  Lisa mentioned that she’d Googled herself and come across this site before, and it tended to always say that she was sick and unable to come to small group, so I thought I’d say that tonight, and lately in general, Lisa Hauenstein has not only been feeling better, but has been attending small group with regularity as well.

Overall I felt pretty hyped today.  There were the good and plentiful sales leads, of course, but there was also a charity basketball game.  Here’s the scoop.  So there’s a Duke message board called The Devils Den that I frequent for Duke information and other off topic things.  There’s a counterpart UNC message board called Inside Carolina.  Of course, the two generally don’t get along.  A little while ago someone posed a question of if the two boards held a basketball game, who would play on the teams.

There was a good bit of joking around and some discussion of basketball, but at some point someone said the game should actually happen, and it should be done to help raise money for a charity.  I was pretty vocal in my support of it, so when someone asked who should help organize it, several people nominated me.

The very idea of organizing a charity basketball event was a bit overwhelming at first, but then I felt honored, excited and pretty driven to get it done.  I don’t have to go it alone either.  There’s a Heels fan who will help with her side of the rivalry and a Heels fan who almost exclusively posts on TDD who are helping me out, plus a lot of the other Duke fan have offered to help out however they can.  I hope we can pull it off.

Zach Dotsey