Yummy Clementines

I just finished eating a clementine.  Did you know that a clementine is a type of small Mandarin orange?  They’re also yummy and easier to peel and eat than an orange.

I’m still sick today.  Mostly better, but it still seems to be worse at night.  Right now I have a slightly runny nose and a sore throat but otherwise I’m pretty much okay.

I had two meetings today.  The first one was with someone I met at Matt Davis’ birthday party a few weeks ago.  I think he’ll go for hosting, possibly a little bit of design work.  We were supposed to meet for lunch and had decided on Two Guys Grille, but there happen to be several around town and due to some miscommunication we ended up meeting a little later than we had planned.  But it all turned out just fine.

After that I went to another meeting, which was a referral from our neighbors, Bonnie and Dave Narron.  This one was interested in some search engine optimization.

Those meetings took care of most of my day.  Amanda got home and we pretty much just watched TV for the night.

Zach Dotsey