Amanda and I had some silly conversations via e-mail today.  Like to hear ’em?  Hear they go.  Amanda’s in purple, I’m in blue.

it’s warmer today than i thought it would be. can you grab the green short sl;eeve shirt that’s in the bathroom and bring it to lunch too.  ;O)

call or email me back to let me know you got this.  :o)

love ya,

amanda ;o)

Jeez, woman!  You want I should bring the rest of the house to lunch as well?

that’s not nice!  just the shirt and phone will be just fine thanks!

Well I’ll bring the kitchen sink too, just in case.

I DON’T WANT THE KITCHEN SINK!!!  IT’S HEAVY!  JUST THE SHIRT AND THE PHONE.  or if you like i can just go buy one at lunch!

A little later we had this exchange.

Thanks for not replacing it this morning.  That was fun. 😉

it wasn’t out!  peek before you poop man!

It had like one sheet left on it!  [edited for decency]  And I shouldn’t have to peek.  I would expect that my wife, who supposedly loves me, would get some replacement TP not only for my benefit but possibly for her own.

you know what!  it was early!  i was tired and rushed!

At least you’re not blaming the baby this time.

…and i’m pregnant!!!

I’m ashamed of you.


I’m ashamed of sweet little Pistachio’s mother blaming the poor child out of convenience instead of accepting responsibility for her irresponsible potty stewardship.  What kind of values are you going to teach this poor child?

our child is currently a part of me… and i, a part of it.  therefore if you insult the mother, you insult your unborn child as well!

Pssh.  It’s growing in you but it is its own unique individual, made up of its father and its mother.

right now it can not live apart from me…and therefore a part of me!!!  don’t argue with a pregnant woman!  haven’t you learned anything from the past few months!

That continued briefly on the phone.  I left a little while later to go meet Amanda for lunch at the mall, along with her grandparents, her brother and her aunt.  I remembered to take the shirt, by the way.  I also remembered to get her phone, which she had left in the spare room(where she was wrapping Christmas presents) after I took it to her when her mom called last night.

After work Amanda and I went to Target to pick up a couple things, including a gift for a kid on the Angel Tree at Amanda’s work.  Amanda had been given a little girl to get clothes for and she seemed to have fun picking out the clothes.  I have generally enjoyed looking at little kid and baby clothes, but I was feeling restless tonight so I just walked around a bit.

It was raining pretty hard tonight, particularly while we were in Target and on our way to Port City Community Church, where we were attending a small group huddle.  That was pretty good for us, I think.  We got to really bring some issues with leading a small group to the fore and get some advice.

When we got home Amanda and I watched The Office.  The ending was one of the more uncomfortable moments on the show, and any time The Office makes you cringe from discomfort, it’s a good one.

I was called upstairs because our cat, was bothering Amanda and she couldn’t get him to stop.  He was messing with her and even bit (I think more like nipped) her forehead.  Someone, I think it was Justin Hauenstein, recently told us about someone’s cat going crazy during a pregnancy of someone they knew.  Hopefully this won’t keep up.

So as far as the TDD vs. IC Charity Basketball game, we are working on getting teams together.  I think we’re going to try to make the charity the March of Dimes.  Victoria, the Heels fan from IC who is helping out, knows of people associated with them and it may be that we could get them to help us out a little.  We’ll see.

Zach Dotsey