Matt and Melissa Davis gave birth today to their first child, Penelope Eve Davis, known as Spud during the pregnancy.  Their nickname for her, according to the mass e-mail I got, will be Nella, which I think is really cute.  (Plus it rhymes with their dog’s name: Bella.)  Amanda and I are really happy for them, and as Amanda said, we can’t wait to produce a playmate for her.

That’s the big news of the day.  Other than that Amanda finally put up the clothes I folded a week or more ago.  The deal was that I’d wash and fold them if she’d put them up.  Well, she finally did it, but it was only because her mom, Karen Mercer, came to stay with us.

Karen got here and we decided to go out to Applebee’s and to meet Michael Mercer there.  We waited around the house for a while before heading out because the ladies were getting hungry.  Michael had to go by his apartment and change plus he wanted to shower, so we sat at the table at Applebee’s for a while.  he complained about feeling rushed at first, but once he gets a pregnant wife, he’ll probably understand.

He came back home with the rest of us and we all watched American Haunting, which was on an On Demand horror movie channel.  It was alright, though a bit confusing.  I was sitting in the kitchen playing a tower defense game while watching it though, so perhaps my judgment isn’t the best.

Zach Dotsey