I didn’t do much today, which felt kind of nice.  I got up early though, around 7:00 or 7:30, because I was coughing and clearing my throat a bunch and I didn’t want to bother Amanda.  I just checked out stuff on the computer until she got up.  Amanda took a shower then I followed her upstairs to talk to her, and while I did I laid back down in bed.  That felt nice, so I stayed there for a bit and dozed off for a little bit.

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, got up and took a shower too.  I was back out of bed before they headed out for a day of Christmas shopping.  I didn’t do much of anything until I got a call from Nick and Amy Warkentien.  They were going to get some late lunch from Fire Bowl, a Chinese place up Market towards (maybe in, I don’t know where the line is) Ogden, so I went with them.  We all went out to get the food then ate it at their place.  I just hung out with them until Amanda and Karen came by to get me.  Nick and Amy had a Christmas party to go to a little later.

After we got back to the house Amanda made a call to Best Buy.  There’s a story behind that, which I’ll try to make brief.  Karen had bought someone a gift and then decided the person might not like it, so she wanted to take it back, get store credt and spend more money on other gifts.  Well, the store in Jacksonville decided they didn’t want her to do that, so Amanda called the one here and when Amanda told them what all they were going to buy they decided to allow the return.  So Amanda and Karen went back out for a little bit.

After they got back and Karen left Amanda and I just watched some TV, including a Ricky Gervais standup special on HBO On Demand.  I thought it was pretty funny, and I think Amanda did too, despite the language.

Zach Dotsey