There was no church this Sunday and Amanda and I ended up playing Little Big Planet for the vast majority of the day, although we did take a walk at one point.

We were going to meet Polly and Dace Clawson at Brixx, a new brick oven pizza place across the street from the movie theater at Mayfaire.  Before we went there though we stopped by Best Buy and used up my gift card plus a little more to buy an extra PlayStation 3 controller since Amanda liked Little Big Planet so much.  Those controllers are not cheap!

We had a good time meeting with Polly and Dave.  We talked about all kinds of things- church, small group, kids, pregnancy.  We really enjoyed the food, too.

I played a bit of Little Big Planet with Michael Mercer after Amanda went to bed.  We worked on doing some of the things that you can only accomplish using two players.

Zach Dotsey