Back to work today.  The morning was paticularly busy.

Amanda and I spent a portion of the evening playing some more Little Big Planet.  I think we caught her up just about all the way to how far we had played separately yesterday.

Georgetown beat UConn, which is great news to me.  My least favorite team is the Carolina Tar Heels, but my second least favorite team is the Connecticut Huskies.  The Hoyas won 74-63 at Connecticut.  Yay Huskies!  Now Georgeotwn just need to lose at Duke in a few weeks.

I tried to watch some Deadwood tonight, but as usual I fell asleep halfway through.

Amanda said today that she thinks she might be able to feel the baby moving a little.  She read that it can feel a little like a rumbling or growling in the stomach.

Zach Dotsey