Outside of the day’s excitement about us having a girl, we did a bit.  Amanda’s grandparents went by the Frazelles’ to drop something off there, along with the newly framed autographed Duke poster I got for myself.  Earl did a great job on that.  It’s just a wooden frame painted Duke blue, but it looks really nice.

My rule for my autographed Duke basketball posters is to use the same from over and over, just putting each subsequent year’s poster in front of the last one in a poster frame that I have (until they win another national championship, at which time I’ll get another frame and start over).  This year’s poster is about four feet long though, so I had to get something a little more custom.

We hung out there for a while until someone mentioned hot dogs.  That got me to wanting a Trolley Stop hot dog.  Barry wanted one too so we drove to Trolley Stop, but they were closed so we went to Tower 7.  He got a tuna taco, which honestly sounds disgusting to me, and I got a quesadilla.  Amanda asked me to pick her up a chicken taco so I did.  Barry paid for it all, saying it was in honor of our daughter.

After Amanda and I left the Frazelles’ we went back to our place for a little bit before heading downtown to eat at Reel Cafe.  We’d made plans with Justin and Lisa Hauenstein a few days ago to do it, and Nick and Amy Warkentien tagged along as well.  They drove separate though because they had some friends arriving for a visit from Charlotte later on.

We ate, talked, had a nice time.  After we finished Nick and Amy took off and the rest of us walked up and down the Riverwalk for a little bit, just chatting and hanging out.  I really like Justin and Lisa, but we haven’t made a lot of time to hang out with them since we met them.

Zach Dotsey