Amanda had two dreams about today’s ultrasound over the past couple days.  The first one was that we showed up late so they wouldn’t let us have it.  In the second they said that since we had the emergency ultrasound a few weeks ago to make sure that the baby was okay they wouldn’t let us have one today.

So today, Amanda and I got up this morning and went to the baby doctor to find out if we were having a boy or a girl.  We didn’t sit in the waiting room too long when we were called back to one of the examining rooms.  We both thought this was a little curious because normally you get your ultrasound then you get your exam.  It turned out that for some reason there was no note of us being scheduled to have said ultrasound, which is what would show us what we were having.

Amanda handled it pretty well, I thought.  The nurse came back and told us that the ultrasounds were all booked up today.  Amanda, trying not to get too upset, told the nurse that she had taken the day off of work for this and that there had been times when we’d had to wait for a long time in the waiting room because someone else had needed to get squeezed in.  Amanda was firm but not rude.

The doctor came in and talked to us a little and when forward with Amanda’s exam, which was just listening to the baby’s heartbeat.   While that’s always nice to hear, it’s nothing compared to seeing the baby or finding out the sex.  Amanda’s fine, by the way, except that her iron is a little low, so we picked up some iron supplements for her later.

After the exam the doctor put us back in the waiting room and told us he’d see what he could work out.  Amy Warkentien showed up a few minutes later and Amanda told her what was going on.  The lady next to Amanda said the same thing had happened to her before.  Apparently the place just isn’t the best at keeping up with who’s scheduled for what.

Amy got called away for her exam, and a few minutes later we were too.  We thanked everybody profusely.

I don’t really know what to say about the ultrasound.  It’s one thing knowing that you’re having a baby, but knowing what sex the baby is going to be just throws on a whole new layer of reality.  The ultrasound technician showed us how we could tell that she’s a girl (Amanda later joked to people that it was great that she’d had her legs spread to show us, but she’d better not spread them any more until she’s married) then showed her to us at a few different angles.  She was moving around a bit.  We saw her stretch and yawn, which was amazing, and we saw her tongue.  We were also shown that her bladder was full, which wasn’t a surprise to Amanda.

My eyes were glassy and there was a tear or two that got out.  We headed on out of there and decided to stop by Target to pick up a dress for our baby girl.  On the way we called a bunch of people, Amanda’s mom being the first one.  Amanda asked if she wanted to know if she was having a grandson or a granddaughter and Karen said she had to think about it.  She hemmed and hawed for a minute then asked what the name was going to be.  I said, “We don’t know yet, we’ve got a bunch of girl names.”  Then I clamped my hand over my mouth, not having meant to say that, but she was excited.  We then called Amanda’s dad, Phil, then my parents, Amanda’s grandparents, tried calling my grandparents, our siblings, the Frazelles (we called Hannah first, who was screaming like we knew she would), the Warkentiens, the Lambeths, Jason (who had a dream last night that we were having a girl), Aunt Robbie and I think a couple others throughout the day.

We also put the news on Facebook and I sent out a newsletter, and we’ve gotten a number of responses from those.

After we got home we took some pictures of ourselves with the dress we bought at Target, then took some pictures of the dress, the pants to go along with it and some little shoes we bought.

I’ve had so many thoughts go through my head.  How sweet it will be to have a little girl and how  wrapped around her finger I’m sure I’ll be.  How I can teach her how to surf, and watch her play on the beach.  How worried I’ll be when she starts getting into boys and going on dates.  How I’ll be able to walk her down the aisle.  There’s just so much.

Amanda was hoping for a girl.  Part of it has to do with the fact that she’s the only girl in the house (Bruce, Harvey, Cobb, even our fish Gotham and I are all male), but I think it also stems from the fact that originally we both wanted  a girl.  Andra had the first grandson on my side of the family, so I was hoping to have the first girl until Andra’s second child turned out to be one.  After that I honestly didn’t care anymore.

The majority of people seemed to be leaning towards a girl, actually.  Michael, Hannah and Aunt Robbie all said they would like to see us have a boy, but Amanda, her mom, her grandma (three out of her four granchildren are already girls, not to mention the two of her own), Jason and I think a couple other people wanted a girl.

It really doesn’t matter though.  All in all, she’s healthy so far and that’s all I’m concerned about.

I’m having a little girl!

Zach Dotsey