Amanda and I started out the day discussing names for our little girl.  We’re wanting to name her after grandmothers, and we were workin with the following names:

Lilian — Isabelle — Maggie — Jane — Jewel — Rose — Melia — May

For a long time our front runner was Lilian Isabelle or Lilian Isabella, and I’d call her Lilybelle.  I just think that’s so cute.  Then we also really liked Maggie Jane.  Today Amanda came up with the idea of combining tow names into one, such as MaggieMay or the aforementioned nickname, Lilybelle.  We think we’ve come up with something, but it’s kinda long and we’re not 100% in favor of it yet.

We decided that today was the day to do our Christmas undecoration.  I took the lights off the roof while Amanda started packing up all the little houses.  That all went fine, but then we  had to figure out what to do with our fake Christmas tree.  I wanted to get a tarp or a canvas of some sort, cover it, tie it tight at the truck so bugs wouldn’t get in it then put it in the shed.  Amanda wanted to cram it into a crawlspace.  Since she’s pregnant she won, so first I tried to take it upstairs without taking the lights off.  That wasn’t happening so we finally surrendered to having to take the branches off, but of course we had to take the lights off first to do that.

Long frustrating story short, we got all the branches off, wrapped all the sizes together with plastic bags and stuffed them into the original box, which was stuffed in the crawlspace in our closet.  It’s now going to be used for pretty much nothing but the Christmas tree.

Whatever, it’s all done now.  We got everything back in order in the living room, and it looks a little funny to me now with all the open space.

Michael came by a little later.  We wanted to scan the most recent ultrasound pictures, but I needed help getting the end table out of the guest room and he wanted a haircut, so he just brought his scanner over here.  He helped me move the end table, I scanned the pictures and Amanda cut his hair.

At 7:00 we went to Kevin and Lauren Millard’s house to have dinner.  I had called Kevin earlier to see if they wanted to get together and they ended up inviting us over.  They have a very nice house, which made me wonder how many pictures Kevin’s taken over the years.  (He’s a photographer.)  We had a great time with them.  It’s only the third time we’ve even seen them, but it felt to me like we’ve been hanging out with them for a long time.  They’re just a very easy couple to get along with and feel comfortable with.

We played Scrabble over there, which they apparently haven’t played much of before.  Amanda won pretty easily.  I was within four points of her for most of the game but she pulled away at the end.

Mike Paschal’s brother was in a car accident today.  His kid and wife are fine, but Chris, Mike’s brother, had to have surgery and is in pretty serious condition.  The last update I heard said that when his wife said she loved him he was able to squeeze her hand, which is certainly promising.  Make sure to say a prayer for his recovery and for what the family is going through.

Zach Dotsey