Just thought I’d post some of the e-mail and Facebook comments people have left us about the news that we’re having a girl.

I’m so excited for you guys!!! I can imagine how exciting you both must be. I bet this makes it more real!
~Lisa Hauenstein

Congratulations!!! That is so exciting to find out and start decorating and buying things.  Our little girl is precious so I am sure that you will have a ball.  No sleep but a lot of fun 🙂
~Kelia Pless

Wow!!! How exciting!

We are so pumped for you two and we can’t wait to meet her!!! Hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We’ll look for you at church on Sunday!
~Kyle and Lorin Van Zandt

Congratulations Zach!

That is so exciting and I am so happy for you, Amanda, and the whole Dotsey family!  Amanda looks adorable!!!

You will make a wonderful dad!  Another friend of mine from UNCG and his wife just had a baby girl…and soon that will be you too!  🙂

Sending you smiles for what is sure to be a very fun 2009!
~Liesl Ehardt  🙂

Hey bro! I’m excited that little Addy will have a little girly cousin to play and grow up with!!! that makes me so happy;) I almost already have some onesies to give you that fit Addison when she came home from the hospital, can’t wait to give them to you and some maternity clothes for Amanda. If you get your baby a take home outift, I recommend getting preemie, 0-3 and most newborns WON’T fit. When I was reading your e-mail, I thought about the ultrasounds and I believe I cried both times. It’s so emotional! Now you need to let me know when the shower will be so I can make sure I’m there and I will let my manager know when you guys are due so she knows to be expecting me to take some time off around then to go see my first  niece (on the Dotsey side b/c I have like 10 on the Sawyer/Terry side, actually,7, but who’s counting)! Love you guys!
~Andra Sawyer

That is awesome!!!  Congratulations!  When is she due?
~Mark Loudermilk

~Seth Holloman

Congrats! We’ve got 2 girls and they are the best!
~Jennifer (Elrod) Lilje

Yay for girls!!!
~Stephanie Konny

Congrats on the girl!!!! That is so exciting!
~Dana Holloman

Congrats to you guys! Welcome to the world of pink 🙂
Congrats on baby girl! We both have girls growing in our bellies 🙂
We should get together for dinner sometime and talk baby.
~Lauren Millard

OOH!!! Congrats!!!!
~Robyn Meek

~Cristen Bullock

~Robin Crabtree

Congratulations on the girl! Hope you’re feeling well.
~Chris (Schoch) Mowbray

Congratulations!  Girls are great, and they treasure their Daddies.  Your wallet will never again feel as heavy as it does now 😉
~Julie (Patton) Colvard

Congratulations man… girls are GREAT!
~Rich Biagini

CONGRATS! That’s so exciting.
~Justin Hauenstein

Welcome to the girls club!  Congratulations!  Guess our babies may have the same name 🙂
~Amanda (Laeng) Craig

Congrats! Maybe you’ll get a sweet little boy next time (future Duke b-ball player).
~Amy (Turner) Perry

Congratulations! Can’t wait to see lots of pics!!
~Stephanie (Talley) Woodside

Little girl clothes are much cuter than little boy clothes.  Congrats!
~Jason Revill