I spent some time today meeting with some new clients, who also happen to be neighbors of mine.  We should be getting their site started before too long.

Amanda and I left the house just a few minutes after she got home from work to go to Justin and Lisa Hauenstein’s with a pitstop by Target to try to find some baby bedding that my sister, Andra Sawyer, mentioned to us and to pick up Mike Boscaljon, who, along with his wife Kaitlyn, just got back into town yesterday from Wisconsin. Kaitlyn works on the other side of town, which is close to where the Hauenteins and Elliot Clark and Melissa Nicholson live, so when small group is over there Amanda and I often pick Lars (that’s Mike) up and take him there.

We started the night off eating pizza and chatting then went into a discussion of the My One Word discussion.  I think it turned out to be a pretty good discussion.  Elliot arrived late due to work, but I think the discussion got even better once he joined in.

There were a lot of prayer requests and praises.  Mike had a job interview at the Port City Java where Amanda’s brother, Michael Mercer, works, and he should find something out about it tomorrow.  Melissa mentioned that our friend Kristen Barriner has an interview for a teaching position.

Our baby girl is growing nicely and, thus far, healthily in Amanda, who is still showing more and more every day it seems.

In baby news, the pregnant daughter of a friend of Amanda’s mom was told that some test came back showing that her baby might have signs of Downs’ Syndrome.

In other health news, Lisa wasn’t able to get a shot for her back yet, but she does have some medicine to help the pain.

We also continue to pray for Mike Paschal and his family, as they continue to deal with the loss of his brother, Chris.  A good client of ours recently lost his father and I found out today that his sister was just in a bad car accident.  They think everything will be fine, but it’s tough for them to go through something like that after so recently losing their dad.

Lots to pray for, and I’m sure I didn’t hit them all.

Amanda went to bed after we got home, although Scrubs is back tonight (having switched from NBC to ABC), and she wants to watch it with me so I won’t get to watch it until tomorrow.

Zach Dotsey