Amanda and I watched the first two new episodes of Scrubs tonight.  They were both good.  The second one reminded me of one from the first season in that it featured the moving death of a guest character.  That show’s really got some heart sometimes.

After that we watched the Duke Blue Devils play the Davidson Wildcats, attempting to keep their streak- most consecutive non-conference home wins- alive.  Duke got up to a 23 point lead with a run in the second half, but then they forgot how to score and play defense for about ten minutes.  Davidson got to within eight, but Duke ended up winning 79-67.  Kyle Singler and Jon Scheyer both had 22 points and Davidson’s star, Stephan Curry, had 29, though he was held scoreless for the first quarter of the game.

It really wasn’t pleasant to watch the last quarter of the game, but there were some notables.  Jon Scheyer scored his 1,000th career point and the team played much better it seemed with Brian Zoubek in.

Reading articles now, after the game, everything seems to be focused on Stephan Curry.  You’d hardly think Duke won the game.

Anyway.  Aside from that the only real thing of note today is that Amanda came up with yet another name for our baby girl.  We started off with four names, narrowed it down to a tentative one on Saturday, changed it to a similar one on Sunday then then today Amanda e-mails me from work with a completely different one.  I’m not a huge fan of it though, so I don’t think we’ll go with it.

After the game Amanda watched her The Bachelor and I played a couple games of Left 4 Dead with Michael.  We both survived the end of both games and played with a couple of decent players.

Zach Dotsey