So far so good for today, as far as Amanda and the baby go.  No spotting, except for what she was already told yesterday might be leftover from yesterday.  Amanda did talk to Carolina Health though.  They didn’t seem too concerned, but did move our next appointment from the 30th to the 22nd.  She’ll have one of those exams, which isn’t the most comfortable thing to be in the room for (especially given that the doctor she’ll have is a guy) but then we’ll also get another ultrasound.  It’s what they call the full anatomy ultrasound, so I guess they’ll be checking for all the arms and legs and fingers and toes.

I got details on Julie Garst’s baby today, the one I mentioned yesterday.  Lucas Garst was born at 2:40 yesterday afternoon at a weight of seven pounds, two ounces. We came up with a new service today, which I think will be a hit.

Work wasn’t very busy overall today, so I spent a big chunk of time sending e-mails out to inform the clients of ours who I thought might find it useful.  It’s gotten a few bites so far, which is good.

I received a phone call from my sister, Erin Dotsey, today, telling me that she’d just had surgery to remove some cancerous growth from her cervix.  I was pretty surprised by that, since I didn’t know anything about it at all.  She said it was outpatient surgery and she wasn’t really worried about it, so that was good.  Our mom was with her and I guess had driven her to and from the hospital.  I’m glad she’s okay.

I spent a large portion of the afternoon running some errands, which I ran by Scott before doing.  I dropped off the prescription for Amanda’s pregnancy-friendly UTI antibiotics, picked up the leader notes from Port City Community Church for the Starting Point study we’re doing, got the meds for the dogs and cat, picked up a gift card from the mall, got a bag of dog food (which we ran out of this morning) then picked up the antibiotics.  Does that sound like much?  I don’t know if it sounds like much, but it was quite a trip.

Amanda watched a little TV after she got home then we watched Scrubs together and started to watch Law & Order SVU but she got pretty tired a little over halfway through and went to bed, so we didn’t get to watch tonight’s new episode of The Office.

Nick and Amy Warkentien stopped by on the way to their small group to drop some flowers off for Amanda that Amy had bought in light of our tough day yesterday.  I thought it was really, really sweet of them.  They stuck around to talked for a few minutes and were late getting to small group.

The Tar Heels beat the crap out of the Virginia Cavaliers tonight, as most people figured they would.  So much for an 0-3 ACC start.

President George Bush had his farewell speech tonight, as President-elect Barack Obama becomes President Barack Obama in a few days.

But the big story of the day involves a miraculous plane crash in New York.  I listened to it unfold as I was driving home from my errands then watched coverage of it on TV after I got home.

Flight 1549 took off from LaGuardia headed for Charlotte, North Carolina, but geese were sucked into one or both of the engines and the pilot, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, masterfully ditched the plane in the Hudson River.  Had a wing dipped into the water, the plane would have somersaulted and broken apart, killing who knows how many.  As it was, the plane landed in the water and boats came from all over to see to the passengers.  Out of the 155 people onbaord, none were harmed.

I was impressed not only with the pilot and the crew, who obviously managed the passengers well, but the passengers themselves, who waited on the wings of the plane to be rescued, as well as all the people who scrambled to help them.  The pilot checked the plane twice after everyone was out to make absolutely sure that nobody was left behind.  The man and his crew deserve all the accolades being lauded on them.

Zach Dotsey