I had a bit of a sinus bother today.  I’d get a tingle on the left side of my nose, then it would make its way up and down until I was a little runny and my eye would tear up a bit.  Happened a number of times and it was quite annoying.

I did something today that I haven’t done in quite a while, and that was to not take a shower until after work.  Yes, I worked in my robe all day and then, when I got out of the shower, I put on pajama pants and a long sleeved t-shirt.  Pretty glorious.  When Amanda got home she changed into some pajamas too then we watched The Office and 30 Rock.

Nick and Amy Warkentien picked up a Little Caesar’s pizza and a Pepsi then came over, coincidentally also wearing pajama pants.  So it was a pajama pants night for all.  We watched Righteous Kill, a Blu-Ray that Seth Holloman let me borrow last week, then we watched Darjeeling Limited on HBO On Demand.  I probably would have liked it better if I stayed awake the whole time, I dozed off in spots.  No fault of the movie- I just tend to do that when watching a movie past 10:00 or so.

They hung out and we just chatted for a while.  Their baby, whom they are considering naming Elijah Kennan (Eli, for short) was moving around a lot.  You could see his movements under the surface of Amy’s belly and at one point it looked like he was trying to stick his whole head through her stomach.  I can’t wait until our girl gets big enough for me to feel her kicks and such.  Amanda mentioned to me this morning that she can now feel the weigh inside her.  Hard for her to describe and me to understand, but she said it’s almost like that feeling when you’ve had too much of something to drink and you can just feel it sitting in you.

Zach Dotsey