When I grabbed the electric razor to trim my beard today I put it to my face without even thinking about the setting I had it on until I looked down at the sink and thought to myself, “Those hairs look kind of long.”  I’d accidentally left it on the lowest setting (as opposed to the usual 2 or 3 setting), so now I’ve just got a bunch of short stubble.  Oh well, it’ll grow back out.

Amanda and I went to church today then grabbed some Atlanta Bread for breakfast before heading home and not doing much of anything.  It was rainy today and chilly, but not as cold as it had been the last couple days.  Amanda went back out to pick up a wedding gift for Don and Laurel, whose wedding is next weekend.

While Amanda was out I flipped around on the TV and saw that the first two seasons of Entourage were on HBO On Demand.  I started watching that then and I’m watching it now.  I caught up on episodes of My Name is Earl dating back to October or so.  I told Amanda earlier in the day that I’d try to clear those off the DVR this week.  Not that there’s not plenty of room on the DVR right now, but TV season is ramping up so it’s likely that it will start to fill up before long.

Amanda went to bed around 8:30 after getting me to run out and pick up a Red Baron pizza.

Michael came by for a bit today, mostly to drop off Amanda’s new phone.  I went to show him what my Xbox 360 was doing, and it was working fine!  Well, it still had a green tint for most of the time, but otherwise it was working just peachy.

Zach Dotsey