Forty weeks is the generally projected as the time a baby is expected, which means that Amanda and I have hit the halfway point.  In honor of hitting the halfway point, I think I’ll share the name we’ve (probably) finalized for our little girl.

Originally we were naming her Lillian Isabelle, but we decided that both of those names were too popular, which is a shame because I really liked the idea of calling her Lillybelle.  We went through a few other names and thought we’d landed on Maggie Jane or Maggie May.  Both of those are really cute, but we just weren’t settled on them.  On top of that we’ve got some friends who are naming their baby Maggie, and they’re due just a couple weeks before us.  That wasn’t really what made us change our mind though.

So right now, and I think it’s pretty official because Amanda told her mom, it’s Melia May, whom we’ll call Milly.  Amanda is really in love with the name Milly.  I guess that’s probably why we decided to change from Maggie.  It seems we just like a certain type of name: Lilly, Maggie, Milly.  Anyway, it’s Melia May, or possibly MeliaMay with a middle name.  I’m partial to MeliaMay Jane, and Amanda’s floated MeliaMay Lillian as well, but I think that’s too long.  What’s pretty definite right now is Milly.  So our baby’s name is Milly.  Milly Dotsey.

So, how’s Milly doing this week?  Well, she’s about the size of a cantaloupe, which is about how big Cysty (Amanda’s cyst) was.  She’s about ten ounces, six and a half inches crown to rump.

Oddly, she has a fully-formed uterus now and about seven million eggs, although she’ll only have about two million by the time she’s born.  I don’t know why there’s such a big difference- the book doesn’t say.  Anyway, all the stuff that makes me nervous about having a girl is developed or developing.