I ended up watching the entire first season of Entourage last night.

The Xbox 360 has decided to not work again.  I’ve tried it a few times today and while the sound is working fine, the picture, unfortunately, is not.  What makes it even worse is that my buddy Jason Revill finally got Left 4 Dead, but now I can’t play it with him.

My boss, Scott, was in town today.  He and his family went to Wrightsville Beach for a little weekend getaway so we got together at Panera for about an hour and a half while his wife and two girls were at Mayfaire.  He caught me up on a few techniques he’s been using for some updates then we talked about some marketing ideas that we’d somewhat covered last week on the phone anyway.  We also talked family stuff.  It was good to see him.  I don’t think I’ve actually met with him face-to-face in about a year and a half.  Last meeting I remember was when I picked up my iPhone from him.

Work was steady but not hectic this Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Amanda and I were invited over to Nick and Amy Warkentien’s house for sghetti and bready, as I termed it.  We ate then played a game called Boxers or Briefs, which is similar to Apples to Apples.  Nick won tonight, which may be the first time I’ve ever seen him win a game.

Bruce accompanied us to la Casa Warkentien.  Amanda and I were on the way out the door and Bruce just really seemed like he wanted to go, so Amanda had me call to make sure Nick and Amy didn’t mind, which they did not.  Amanda threw a sweater on him and we headed on over.  He spent most of the night moving to different places on their couches to chill out.

Speaking of chilling out, and I really didn’t type it in the last paragraph just to lead to this awful seque, I promise, we’re supposed to get an inch or two of snow tomorrow, thought I doubt it’s last long.  Snow is a rarity here in Wilmington.  A month or more ago some was reported here and there around town, but it didn’t pile up at all.  I wouldn’t mind getting a little, since it’s been so cold lately.  I think they’re supposed to get up to four inches in the Triangle.

After we got home Amanda and I watched How I Met Your Mother then did our Starting Point studies.  Starting Point is a program aimed mainly at new and returning Christians, or people with questions about Christianity.  A lot of small groups have done it as a study though, and everyone we’ve heard talk about it has really gotten a lot out of it, so we’re looking forward to doing that with our own small group.

Zach Dotsey