Whatever you think about Barack Obama, however you feel about his policies and ideas, you have to admire what the election of Barack Obama says about how far America has come.  Plenty of people have written about the significance of electing a black (okay, half-black, whatever- the point is that he’s not white) man to the highest post in the land, and they’ve done so far better than I ever will, so I’ll just post some pictures from today’s inauguration below.  I’m happy for my country and hopeful that our government and politics will indeed change.

The only thing that I think marred the day was the booing and jeering of President Bush when he made his appearance.  I get that he wasn’t popular, and I wasn’t happy with him myself, but I was really hoping the crowd would show some decorum, not sing “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey, goodbye!”  Too much to ask for, I know.

Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, called her and asked if she was watching the inauguration.  Amanda told her she was at work and Karen told her it was an historic moment.  Amanda’s not big on history or historic moments, and she was working anyway, so it’s not like she could just ditch work to go camp out in front of a TV.  When Amanda told me all this she said she hopes Milly inherits my appreciation for history.

I was talking to Jason Revill about it too.  He said it was nice to have a positive historical moment for people our age.  Our parents had the Moon Landing.  All we’ve had are the Challenger Explosion and September 11th.  I would say President Obama’s inauguration was definitely a positive historical milestone for us.

One disturbing thing I read is that a tattoo parlor in Washington DC was giving free Obama logo tats for people who got another tattoo worth $200 or more.  I’m against political stickers on cars, nevermind permanent marks on your body showing support for a man who will be in office for only 4-8 years.  I mean, yeah most people are hopeful about his term, but what if Obama turns out to suck as president?

Anyway, I look forward to seeing what happens.  There are some things Obama has talked about doing that I’m not in favor of, but there are things he’s talked about doing that I think are a good step in the right direction for our contry as well.  Should be an interesting time.

Zach Dotsey