Last night we were told we’d be getting some snow, here in Wilmington, NC. I woke up this morning and looked out the window to find… no snow.  Amanda called this morning and said it was snowing over on the side of town where she works, but there was as of yet no snow by our house.  That changed maybe ten minutes later when a flurry of nice, fat snowflakes started to come down.  Best of all, it was sticking to the ground!

Bruce had been in the snow when he was a puppy, but Harvey had never seen it.  He didn’t care too much for it at first, but after a bit he started to sniff around in it.

In honor of the weather I took about half an hour to go walk around downtown and take some pictures.  The snow never really got very heavy and it didn’t stick to pavement, so I didn’t get an groundbreaking, newsworthy images of Wilmington covered in snow.

When I got home, our neighbors across the street, Charles and Deanna, were outside with their two little girls.  They have more trees in their yard and I guess the snow didn’t come down in a favorable direction for them, so Deanna asked if I’d mind if their girls came to play in our yard, which I thought was a fun idea.  There was more snow in the backyard so I let them all go back there too.  They made a tiny snowman on the picnic table.

The snow did lead to us canceling small group tonight.  Well, it wasn’t the snow so much as it was roads icing over.  I’m sure it will all be gone tomorrow (although the Triangle area got a lot more than we did so they may have it there for a few days), but it was fun to see while it lasted.  We had a small flurry a few weeks ago but nothing stuck at all, and this was the first time I saw snow covering the ground here.

Zach Dotsey