I started the day with a meeting with a client who has a store not too far from the house.  As we were talking I discovered that he’s having his first kid, a boy, in a couple months!  For a while it seemed that everyone was having girls, but I think it’s starting to even out some.  I stopped by the bank after the meeting and saw Todd Graham.  When I told him that we were having a girl he told me that his son, Nicholas, who has to be about two years old by now, likes younger women.  I told him, as I’ve told anyone having a boy, to make sure he’s a gentleman.

Since the bank is near it, I stopped by Circuit City on the way home.  They had 10% off everything and 20% off music and movies, but honestly their liquidation sale (they announced that all Circuit Cities are closing down last week) didn’t impress me.  I think the company doing their liquidation jacked up the prices then put them on sale.

I got home and worked until 2:30, at which time I left the house to go to the baby doctor.  Every time we’ve gone before I picked Amanda up from work and we drove together, but since it was so late in the day we just drove separate.  We didn’t have to wait long at all, which was nice.

We got to take a long peek at Milly today, as they were doing the anatomy check.  It took even longer because they had a girl doing her ultrasound training there today, which was fine with me- it meant we had longer to watch our baby move around.  Amanda later noted that she was lying down with an arm behind her head, and in the first image we got of Milly, she had an arm behind her head too.  She was moving quite a bit when they first got her to show up.  We saw her moving her mouth and stick her tongue out and I think suck her thumb.  It’s so cool to watch.

In the waiting room, I told Amanda, looking at today’s ultrasound pictures, that Milly had my nose but her eyes.  I looked at the picture again and said that unfortunately it looked like she has her mother’s brain, too.  Amanda hit me.  We than had a short Q&A session with Dr. Vogel and headed on home.  Actually, Amanda went by Michael’s apartment to scan in the ultrasound pics, then she came on home.

I spent a bit of time editing some home movies while Amanda watched some Days of Our Lives and One Tree Hill. Then we swapped places and I watched Smallville while Amanda watched The Bachelor, or the first hour of it anyway, on the computer.  She’d missed it the other night, I think because of the Duke-NC State game.

We watched The Office after that then she went on to bed and I continued to play around with editing some home movies.  I really wish I had some higher-end software for the job.

I got a text message from Nick Warkentien that his sister, Missy, who has cancer, is not doing well.  I’ve been keeping her in my prayers, but I prayed very hard for her and her friends and family tonight.  It’s hard to fathom someone so young going through what she goes through.

Zach Dotsey