Amanda e-mailed me and said that she and Billy Supplee were going to grab lunch at J. Michael’s today and, since I’d be out about that time to pick up my check, wanted to see if I’d meet her.  So I did.  Amanda also called her brother, Michael Mercer.  Amy Warkentien called in the morning (to tell us about a place at the mall giving away free trees) and so I mentioned it to her, so Nick and Amy joined us as well.

I got there first, followed by Amanda and Billy.  After they got there Michael confirmed that he was coming, then Nick and Amy called and confirmed that they were coming, so we moved to a different table.  I stuck around after Amanda and Billy left until the rest of the crew (who had to order later) finished.

A while back Michael told us he thought that Amy was mean, but what he meant was that she’s sarcastic and blunt.  We thought it was funny, so we told Amy and told her that the next time she saw Michael she’d have to give him a big hug.  Michael’s not very comfortable with hugs.  So after the Warkentiens paid, they came outside (where Michael and I were waiting for them) and Amy gave Michael a big cheesy hug.  Then she tried to show how nice she was by walking off towards his car, I guess to go home and hang out with him.  In actuality she just walked off not thinking about where she was going.

Anyhoo, after that I got my check then went home and worked for a while.  Amy was working tonight, but Nick came over and we played Little Big Planet while Amanda watched the last half of this week’s Bachelor.  I think we were on the same board for most of the time she was watching the show, but we did end up beating that level and then the whole game.  Amanda had already gone to bed by then and he headed on home at about 12:30.

Zach Dotsey