Amanda and I started out the day at church and helping out with Grow Zone.  Amanda helps check kids in and I help take care of three year olds.  I read the story to them today, and one of them, a regular in that room, told me I did a good job.  Most of the time was taken up with trips to the potty, though.  I don’t know what the deal was, but it seemed like just about every kid had to go to the bathroom today.  And it wasn’t just the ones in my room, but the ones in the room on the other side of the adjoining bathroom as well.

Karen and Phil Mercer arrived at our house not too long after we got finished with Grow Zone.  They were in town because today is Michael Mercer’s 26th birthday.  He showed up shortly after they did and we all packed up and went to Atlanta Bread for lunch.  Anna, Barry and Hannah Frazelle were all there too, along with Hannah’s boyfriend, Christian Black.  Kirsten was on a ski trip.

We all ate, talked, that sort of thing.  I gave Barry a copy for Fleet Foxes to check out.  Even though we tend to like a lot of the same music, Barry and Anna tend not to really dig stuff I give them to check out for some reason, so there’s no telling if he’ll like it or not.

Back at the house Amanda made a birthday cake for Michael- chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  It sort of fell apart when Amanda layered it, but it tasted good, so that’s all that mattered.  The Mercer clan ate, hung out for a bit as Amanda and Karen looked at pictures of Dr. Seuss murals online for nursery ideas, then everyone took off.

Amanda and I headed over to Nick and Amy Warkentien’s for a breakfast dinner.  They made some pancakes, the second batch of which produced the absolute thickest pancakes I’ve ever eaten.  Like the ugly cake though, they tasted good still, and that’s all that mattered, even if they did look sort of like berets.

After eating Amanda and Amy talked pregnancy stuff while Nick showed me a DVD of MuteMath in concert.  They’re pretty entertaining live, it would seem.

I got a call from my brother, Adam Dotsey.  I won’t really go into it, as it’s not my place to do so, but I wanted to mention it because it’s sort of an important thing.  He had a bit of a problem, the details of which I don’t know.  Nothing legal or life-threatening, but certainly a pretty big deal.

Zach Dotsey