Not a whole heck of a lot to report on today.  Work went well and I spent a couple hours with an old client that I hadn’t met before.  He’s got a pretty exciting thing he’s working on, and I look forward to helping him with it.  We ended up just chatting and chatting for a good portion of the couple hours we spent meeting at The Connection.  I like it when I really get to know the people I work with.

Other than that Amanda and I spent a good portion of the night watching TV.  Amanda’s been having some pain in her leg which is apparently coming from Milly getting on Amanda’s nerve.  Specifically her sciatic nerve.  So that hasn’t been pleasant for her at all.  She can get some temporary relief by kneeling on all four, but it doesn’t last long after she gets up.

To make things worse, Amanda’s got the bag run this week for work.  On the plus side of that though, she does get home earlier, so she can lie down, which helps too.

I had to do something tough tonight, which was to turn down help for someone that I wanted to help out.  Once I really thought about it, I think it was the right choice for us.  The time Amanda and I have coming up will be the last time we have alone together for years and years.  If the help needed were dire, we’d both gladly do it, but there are uncertainties about it, as well as other options.  I felt really, really bad about not helping, and I still do, but I think it’s what’s right for us right now.

Zach Dotsey