I saw this in my inbox first thing on Sunday and meant to post it then.  It’s from Nick Warkentien, regarding his sister, Missy.

Thank you all so much for your prayers for Missy! I had a long conversation with my mom yesterday about her condition. She’s actually not doing very well right now. She has been throwing up, having bad headaches, not able to sleep at night, she’s very depressed, and she has been hallucinating. Speculation is that she may have an infection in her brain, or possibly a small hemorrhage. She also may be dehydrated. After Christmas, her treatments were cut back to once a week (they were previously twice a week). Due to some bad weather, and maybe that she was too sick to travel some of the time, she has missed some of her appointments. She’s only had about 2 in the last month or so. They are going to increase her treatments back to twice a week. Also, they will do some other things that I’m not sure about. There is no way to know the cause of her hallucinations without a CAT scan. Money is an issue right now. Please keep praying for Missy and our family, especially my mom and dad, as they try to decide what needs to be done next, and that God would provide financially.


It was later followed up with this, by Jenni, another of Nick’s sisters, on a Facebook prayer group.

I would like to add that I just talked to Missy about 10 minutes ago and she told me that she is not able to walk or even stand today, due to severe pain in her calves. They believe the pain is caused by a mineral deficiency. My Dad is carrying her to bed or to use the restroom etc. This will probably cause complications in getting her to Lansing for her treatment tomorrow. I will give an update as soon as possible.

Jenni posted this the next day:

Missy is feeling about the same today as far as her legs go; so she wasn’t able to go to Lansing. However, they did run a program on her for infection and that seems to have helped some of her other symptoms. Paperwork is being filed for Medicaid as well as another program that the Paw Paw hospital sent.

And then this today:

Missy was finally able to go to Lansing and get a blood treatment done yesterday, as well as some saline to get her hydrated. She still couldn’t walk at that point so Daddy carried her. Praise God she is able to walk today; Not pain-free but it’s better! She hasn’t hallucinated since Saturday when she was treated for infection. Hopefully that is what was going wrong. Right now she is being monitored very closely but if she starts to hallucinate again, she will go in for some testing (probably a CAT scan or an MRI). They’ve tried to stay away from those kinds of tests because of the radioactive fluids she’d have to drink. Her body can’t handle many more toxins right now. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

I just wanted to put this out there.  I know that not very many people read this site, but Nick is a dear friend and the Warkentiens can use all the help and prayers possible.

Zach Dotsey