Bruce, our chihuahua, was sitting against me tonight and looking at me.  It’s truly ridiculous how much I love that dog.  So I was looking at him and thinking of how much personality he has, and I asked Amanda if ten similar chihuahuas were lined up, did she think she’d be able to pick out Bruce.  She said she thought she could, and I think we could too.  I asked the same about Harvey and she said she didn’t think are ten dogs that look like Harvey.

Amanda told me this evening that Milly has moved, but she’s hitting the nerve on both sides now, so while the pain isn’t as bad in her left leg, there’s now pain in both legs.  Amanda asked why she was doing this to her and I told her it’s because our baby likes me better.

I sent out an invite to a game night at our place for tomorrow night via Facebook.  So far it looks like Nick and Amy Warkentien, Kevin and Lauren Millard and Blake and Stephanie Konny are coming.  We’ve got maybes from Seth and Dana Holloman and Michael Mercer.  I have no idea yet what we’ll play.

My throat felt a little thick last night, and tonight it felt like that even more with a little scratchiness added in.  I suppose I’m getting sick, so I went ahead and took some cold medicine.  It’s odd- I’ve never been one to get sick too often, and I work from home so I’m not even exposed to people all that much, yet this will be the second time within about two months that I’ll have been sick.  Hopefully I can go ahead and nip this one in the bud.

That’s about all for today, just a bunch of random notes.  Amanda and I watched Fringe and Scrubs, then she went to bed early.  I watched the end of a Clemson vs. Virginia Tech basketball game after she went upstairs.  Clemson, ranked #11 or #12 depending on your poll of preference, had been down big but came back and won the game 86-82.

Zach Dotsey