Amanda and I got up, put on pajama pants, called Nick Warkentien and went to Chick-Fil-A.  They were giving a free breakfast entree to anybody who showed up this morning in pajamas.  They were even really stringent about it.  Amanda and I had someone make a judgment call on our pants and the people behind us in line didn’t get free food because they were told they were wearing “jogging pants”.  Good thing I let Nick put on some of my ‘jamas before we left the house.

While we were there Hannah Frazelle and Maddie Allen showed up, also in pajamas.  We were done eating by then, but they joined us.

After that the three of us, Amanda, Nick and I, stopped by Circuit City because they had dropped their clearance prices a bit.  The big items still seemed a bit expensive, but Amanda and I picked up some printer cartridges for $1.75 each.  After that we stopped by Old Navy because they were having a sale.  Nick and I both got some shirts (one of which was the same print) and Amanda got a couple items.

After that we went on back to our house.  Nick and I played some Little Big Planet in an attempt to go back through some levels and get some of the items we hadn’t gotten yet.  We’re now at 100% for a few levels.

Amy had been working at The Hilton all day but she came over after work and we took a few pictures.  I want to do something more artsy, but Nick just wanted some updated pictures to show some people how big Amy’s belly has gotten.

We all lounged around in the living room after that.  Juno was on one of our many HBO channels so we stuck with that for a bit.  The ladies then went to the grocery store and, when they came back, Nick, Amy and I ate meatball sandwiches.  I think Amanda just had some cereal.

I fell asleep on the couch after that and woke up enough to say goodbye to Nick and Amy when they left around 9:30.  Yeah, I guess I was tired.

Zach Dotsey