I had a dream last night that our house alarm went off.  My eyes popped open and I was frozen with fear, but I somehow willed myself to get out of bed.  It was pitch black, no light from anywhere and I was droping my way towards the stairway, feeling for the wall to guide me.  When I got to the stairs my voice was thick from fear and sleep as I tried to shout at whoever it was that had broken into my home.

I woke up.  The bedroom was dark, but I could see as much as I can any other time in the room with the faint light from the clock and a little bit of illumination from the streetlight outside.  Then the house alarm sounded again.

I woke up.  This time I woke up for real.  I was terrified for a split second, but then I realized that thing were normal and there was no alarm.  All was safe and sound.

Zach Dotsey