1. I’m a Duke fan, but I root for Kentucky too.  (Though not as much.)

2. My favorite kind of food is Italian, but sometimes I get some sort of reaction to it where I turn red, my hands swell up, my scalp gets itchy and, well, a couple other things happen.  BBQ pizza seems to do it to me too.

3. I’m truly a nerd, or possibly a dork.  Proof: I can be found watching the History Channel at just about any time of day and I’ve got more comic books, ahem, graphic novels, than anyone you know.  For real.  When we moved into our house and my parents brought stuff from home, she was shocked, literally shocked, to see how many I have.  But I’m really not the prototypical comic book nerd.

4. When I sneeze it almost invariable comes in threes, a phenomenon my aunt noticed and pointed out to me when I was young.  So if you’re with me when I sneeze it’s okay if you wait until the third one to bless me.

5. Sports I’ve played, when I played them and how I did:
–Soccer: 2nd-5th grade?  I don’t think the teams I was on won much.
–Basketball: 5th or 6th grade.  My dad made a deal that if I scored 10 points in the season he’d buy my some Pumps.  I think I scored 1 on a free throw.
–Track: 7th grade.  Don’t think I did too much.
–Wrestling: 8th grade.  Ended up with a 4-5 record but only got pinned once, which just happened to be the one match my mom was there for.
–Fencing: College.  Won some, lost some.  I did disarm a much more experienced left-handed guy one time while using a left-handed foil in my right hand.  Just take my word for it- it was impressive.

6. The farthest west I’ve gone is Texas, the farthest north is Boston (well, London actually), east was Germany or Switzerland and south was Cancun.

7. My dad was born on March 4, 1956 and I was born on March 4, 1978.  If you put those numbers together you get 345678.  It would be the coolest thing ever if I had a kid on March 4, 2009 (not possible unless we have a REAL preemie) or March 4, 2012.

8. The only times my wife has seen me cry were at our wedding and at my grandfather’s funeral.

9. I’ve grown the curls out for Amanda.  If it was up to me I’d just buzz my head and be done with it.

10. I’m a third generation American on my dad’s side.  My grandpa’s parents and oldest sister came over from Czechoslovakia.

11. I taught myself how to use Photoshop. I learned a lot of the basics from MarioPaint.

12. I’ve shot several weddings, engagements and bridal sessions, though I’m not a wedding photographer.

13. I love my dog, Bruce, more than literally just about anything or anyone.  I love Harvey too, of course, but when Amanda goes to bed Harvey usually goes with her and Bruce hangs out with me as long as I stay up.

14. I think communism is a good idea in theory, but it would never work because people are people.

15. My eating habits in the past have been extremely atrocious.  I used to eat a whole bag of Doritos or Pizza Hut cheesesticks for dinner sometimes in college and I used to eat raw Kool Aid.  I’ve gotten better about that.

16. I’m probably one of the worst people to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail with, as I know most of it and enjoy reciting it when I watch it.  On a related note, I knew there was a special future for me and Amanda after I found out that we both owned a copy of that movie.

17. I hope my baby girl doesn’t inherit my libido.

18. In high school I moved the the unfinished basement in my parents’ house and every morning while getting ready for school I would turn up and listen to Queen’s Greatest Hits.  I listened to it so much, in fact, that I could tell what time it was while I was in the shower by what song was on.

19. I only like eating cereal out of plastic bowls.  If we’re out of plastic bowls and I want some cereal I’ll clean one out instead of using a ceramic bowl.

20. I’ve had a thing for redheads since discovering Nicole Kidman in Far and Away.

21. I never cussed until 9th grade, when I wanted to impress a girl.  I expanded my vocabulary a couple years later to impress yet another girl, and, ironically, I cut way back on cussing to impress the girl who would become my wife.

22. When I was in pre-school I had a friend who had glasses and I wanted some.  I didn’t actually need any until I was in my 20’s and now I wish I didn’t.

23. If I could have a superpower it would be either telepathy or teleportation.  Either way I’d get rich off it.

24. I’d like to travel the world and take pictures.  I’d at least like to hit all 50 states.

25. I guess everyone knows this already, but I’m really excited about my upcoming fatherhood.