Milly’s up to a pound this week!  One pound and about eight inches long.

The big stuff going on with her is her senses though.  She’s hearing all the internal gurgles and whooshing noises around her, but she’s also hearing when Bruce or Harvey bark, me and Amanda talking and loud noises.  I’ll have to make sure to turn up any Duke games we watch.

Even though her eyelids are still fused shut, she can perceive light and might turn away from flashlight light if we shine it on Amanda’s growing belly.

There’s not much for Milly to touch down there, but she might be grabbing onto the umbilical cord and squeezing it, building up some strngth.

And then there’s the taste.  She’s tasting whatever Amanda’s eating, which, by and large these days, is cereal.

Amanda herself is doing fine.  Milly continues to put pressure on the sciatic nerve, which isn’t pleasant, and she’s usually in bed before 10:00, but she’s generally feeling pretty decent.  I think her belly button will become an outie soon.  It’s pretty freakin’ shallow right now.