Not too much going on today.  I had a client give me a call today about a new website he wants made for his new business.  He and his wife have been clients for a long time, but for some reason he didn’t originally think to come to us.  I think it’s because his wife generally handled the other website.

Anyway, this is an example of where just being in contact with people is important for a business.  Their original site is one of the ones I contacted about a new product a couple weeks ago.  It turned out that they weren’t interested, but it got the wife discussing another new website idea she’s got, plus it made us come to mind when her husband was talking to her about a site for his place.  Presto-bingo, he gave us a call.

So I met with him this afternoon.  I had a great time at the meeting- we ended up talking more about kids and basketball than we did websites.  He’d been in talks with another company, but I’m pretty certain he’ll be going with us.

After the meeting I stopped by one of the Port City Javas to talk to Michael mercer for a bit.  I wouldn’t have much time to work by the time I got back and, checking my e-mail I saw that there wasn’t much to do anyway.  So I hung out there and talked to him and Gary Harris for a little bit before heading on back home.

Amanda had a little more spotting yesterday.  She called the doctor this morning (it had already stopped) and they agreed with what she’d thought- that it wasn’t a big deal.  It was light and there were no cramps to go along with it.  They also said that it’s a lot more common for pregnant women to spot than most realize.

We also got to see Milly kicking and moving around tonight.  Yes, actually SEE the movement.  They’re quick little (sometimes not so little) jabs from inside Amanda’s stomach.  It’s awesome.  We probably won’t actually see our baby anymore until she arrives, but it’s cool to be able to see her moving around.

Zach Dotsey