When Amanda came home from work today she was on the phone with a friend of ours who recently discovered she’s pregnant.  It was cute to hear her giving advice and telling about our experience.  When we left the house a little while after Amanda got home, Amanda was still on the phone with a friend of ours who recently discovered she was pregnant.  I did, at one point while we were still in the house, grab the phone to say hi to the person on the other line.  It wasn’t until after we were on College Road heading to Nick and Amy Warkentien’s houes that I got to tell Amanda hello and give her a kiss.

We were going to Nick and Amy’s to feed Gipper, their cat.  I also brought in the mail and the trash dumpster and cleaned the litter box, although it took me forever to find where they put the scoop.  There was, as usual, no Gipper spotted.

After that Amanda and I headed to Port City Community Church.  Not having had time to eat yet though, we made a pitstop at Food Lion to pick up some breakfast bars to hold us over then headed on our merry way for a small group leaders huddle.  Usually we’re the first ones there, but we were a few minutes late tonight.

“Wait a minute,” you might say, if you’ve been keeping up with my life enough.  “You guys don’t have a small group anymore!”

True enough, but we’re going to the next group connction to start a new one.  Anyway, that was all fine and good.  As we were leaving we talked to Polly and Dave Clawson about the upcoming baby (they didn’t even know it was a girl yet, although I’m sure Polly’s on my e-mail list) and the trip to Costa Rica.  When I told Polly I was going she said her son, Chris, wants to go, but for more selfish reasons.  I laughed and told her I was going on a surfing trip, not a mission trip.

We also talked to Lisa Stikeleather, who helps coordinate the groups.  We asked her a bit about the upcoming connection and gave her a little feedback about leadership and whatnot.  After talking to her we saw Tim Cain, who used to be in Nick and Amy’s small group until they split (amicably, for a couple reasons).  We talked a little about Nick and Amy and he told us that if we needed any help in helping take care of Gipper or anything to let him know.

Amanda and I got home and watched last night’s Lost and tonight’s Office before she went to bed.  I also caught up on two My Name is Earls before dozing off on the couch for a bit.

Amy called while we were watching The Office, returning a missed call from when I was trying to find their cat litter scooper.  She gave us an update on Nick’s sister, Missy, as well as her brother-in-law, Jerry, which was pretty much all that Nick had e-mailed earlier in the day.  We found out that Jerry has a history of passing kidney stones and usually has some good drugs to get him through it, but the bureaucracy of the two hospitals he’d gone to kept him from getting anything for the pain for a while, which had to be really hard on him.

Zach Dotsey