From Amber Warkentien:

The doctors informed us today that they have decided to keep her in the hospital until the 23rd. This makes it much easier to continue her radiation treatments (just 3 miles down the road) and also have a nurse on hand when she has her panic attacks. Missy was in a great mood today, she was talking a lot better and allowing some extended family to visit. At this point, her lungs are still a main concern. When they removed the fluid from her chest yesterday, they said that it was critical that she do breathing treatments as often as she had the strength to, this would expand the lung. When she tried doing this is caused a lot of Flem to come up. She didn’t have very good breathes to get it up all the way, so it would stop half way and make her feel as though she were choking, which would send her into a panic attack. She’s doing better this evening, she can breath with both lungs still, but the breathes are short and shallow. Again, we (the whole family) just wanted to thank you all for your tremendous support and above all your prayers. We know that God is working through so many people through this, including our family. We give Him all the glory for His enduring grace that keeps us going with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts.
~Amber Warkentien~