Amanda got off a little early today and the weather was beautiful.  I even wore shorts.  In February!

I wasn’t too busy so I asked Scott if he’d mind me kicking off early as well.  Amanda and I headed over to Wrightsville Beach with Bruce and Harvey around 4:30.  Someone tried to sideswipe us on the way there, which was fun.  I had to swerve into the right lane, which I was fortunate enough to have space to do, while laying on the horn.

Amanda and I stopped by the Frazelle house to say hello before heading out.  On the way out though, Milly decided to put a little pressure on Amanda’s nerve, so we only walked down to the jetty and back then sat on the sand for a little bit.  She walked Bruce and I walked Harvey, of course.

Afterwards we hung around with the Frazelles for just a bit.  They were all there, as was Barry’s friend, Jeff.  We headed out after just a little bit and, on Amanda’s suggestion, got smoothies for dinner.  Filling and healthy!  After we got home Amanda wasn’t feeling up to doing much so we just watched 30 Rock, Scrubs and Ghost Hunters.

We used to often put a DVD on as we would go to sleep, and Amanda wanted to do that tonight too, so we put on the first season of The Office and got in bed.  I think she’s asleep now.

Zach Dotsey