Today was our last Valentine’s Day before having a baby.  We spent it by not doing much of anything.  We took our time getting up.  Amanda snuggled with Bruce (Harvey was in his crate as he always is after eating) and recollected the first time she saw him.  Bruce was a Valentine’s Day present.  We talked about the baby a bit too.  After we got up we showered and went to Cracker Barrel for a late breakfast/brunch.  We used to go out to eat breakfast on the weekends pretty often, but we’ve gotten away from that (which has saved us a lot of money), so we thought it would be a nice thing to do for ourselves today.

The day was a little rainy and a lot dreary so after we picked up a few groceries at Wal-Mart we went home, watched some TV and just relaxed.

Amanda fixed chicken and rice for Justin and Lisa Hauenstein, as today was our day to take them dinner.  We also got them some apple sauce, green beans, and a small box of chocolates, in addition to the cookies we made them.  We got to their house right around 6:00, beating Justin home by just a minute or two.  Their friend, Renee, was helping take care of Lisa today.

After we dropped off their food (and saw their upstairs for the first time) Amanda and I decided to stop by my brother’s new apartment.  Amanda mentioned that I didn’t know where he lives now and I reminded her that I helped him move in.  After we stopped by there, Adam asked how we knew where he lived, and I had to remind him, too, that I had helped him move in.

He’s getting settled in.  There’s a large pile of boxes that he’s been trying to give to some people who said they needed some boxes, but if he doesn’t hear from any of them tomorrow he’s tossing them all out.  He hasn’t completely decided on where he wants to put everything, but it’s coming together.

Tomorrow a girl from work is going to go help him haggle for furniture and then he’s going to pick up some silverware and flatware.  He said he’s just gotten to the point where he realizes that he can buy nice, new things and not have to get things used all the time anymore.  That’s a pretty cool feeling to have.

I say that, but I don’t think Amanda and I have bought any major piece of furniture in our own house yet.  All the tables, couches, beds and dressers have been given to us or made by various family members.

Anyway, we sat around and chatted with Adam for a while then we watched a few online videos that made us laugh.  Amanda and I introduced Adam to Kristen Wiig (that is how it’s spelled, Amanda) and he showed us the gem below.

After Amanda and I got home she watched the end of A Walk to Remember while I played some Age of Empires II (an oldie, I know).  At the end of the movie we had this exchange:

Zach:  Are you crying?

Amanda:  No.

Zach:  Ahh.  Seen it too many times, huh?

Amanda:  No, I cried earlier.

That gave me a nice laugh.

Zach Dotsey