Jennifer Ann Warkentien sent a message to the members of I’m praying for Melissa Warkentien.

Subject: She’s HOME!!!

Missy went home today…had her last radiation treatment this morning and the doctors decided that she was strong enough to go. The good news is that the tumor they were treating has shrunk enough that her lungs can expand a lot easier. She is breathing fine and able to walk etc.

A hospital bed and wheel chair (for emergencies) will be delivered to the house tomorrow. Until then, she is more than happy to sleep in her own bed tonight. 🙂  She will also have nurses visiting on a regular basis.

However, the bad news is that the Oncologist says it is only a temporary fix; the radiation has not taken care of the problem and the tumor will grow right back to where it was a couple of weeks ago. She will continue to pursue alternative (natural) treatments as the Medical Doctors say there is nothing more they can do besides keep her comfortable as she passes. Hopefully the other treatments will be able to work more effectively since she has received 5-6 units of blood while she was in the hospital. Her esophagus is burnt from the radiation and very painful at this point in time. That should start to pass this weekend. In the meantime, they have given her medication to help numb that when she eats…even with that she is pretty much on liquids, pudding, soup…soft stuff.

Her doctors and nurses were WONDERFUL and so many people helped out during her stay at the hospital. The cards, money, flowers, stuffed animals and most of all PRAYERS were awesome!!! Missy was encouraged by posting Bible verses on colored paper all over her walls as well as having a “Count your blessings” poster that she made all of us write on. The prayer map was a great success too!!! I used 105 pins in 16 different countries to represent every town where people were praying for her. Most of those 105 pins represented 10’s or 100’s of people. Thanks for sticking in there with us!

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring or the next day but it’s been two weeks since the doctors gave her “a few days”. Each day is a miracle and God has nothing more to prove to us. Whatever happens is for HIS GLORY!