I made a number of friends in fourth grade when my parents enrolled the four of us at Immaculata, a Catholic school at the church we attended. One of those friends was DJ Tunberg. I spent many nights at his house (sometimes there would be three of us- usually Steve Ceci or Kris Moore) staying up late, playing Nintendo and sometimes seeing what we could find on particular movie channels. His family ended up moving to Ohio.

I got an e-mail several years ago from DJ and we e-mailed back and forth for a little bit. Today I got a Facebook message from him and we ended up chatting through the website for a few minutes. He’s living in Italy, working as a meteorologist in the Navy. He’s also lived in Africa and Hawaii. He’s divorced and has a son with his ex-wife, but he sounds like he’s enjoying his life, overall. I think we are pretty alike, too. Neither of us has ever smoked anything, we don’t drink all that much and we’ve both got an artsy side.  He even still cheers for Duke basketball, but I don’t know how much he keeps up with it.

It would be great to visit with him, and in fact he’s going to be in Virginia soon, but the only time he’d have to come down here for a visit is while I’ll be away in Costa Rica. He did extend an invitation for me and Amanda to visit Italy, accommodations and transportation provided. I’d love to take him up on that, but at this point it would have to be a few years, what with the baby coming and all.

Other than that there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot going on today.  We started a new campaign at work, trying out some Google ads to help get the word out about a popular service.

Amanda went to the baby doctor today, by herself for the first time.  She had to do a glucose test, which she said wasn’t fun.  If not for waiting around on that she said she’d have been in and out of the place in fifteen minutes, but she had to wait an hour.  Her iron is low even though she’s been taking iron supplements.  She came to find out that taking them at the same time as her prenatal vitamins cancels it out, which nobody had ever told her.  We have effectively wasted more than half a box of iron supplement because of that, which was a bit annoying.

Amanda went to bed a little early tonight, not even staying up to watch Heroes.  I went ahead and watched it though, along with the Oklahoma vs. Kansas game.  Blake Griffin is still out, having been concussed in their last game, and Oklahoma lost.  Not only was I pulling for them because they are coached by Duke alum Jeff Capel (who, at this point would be my vote to take over the Blue Devils if Coach K were to step down today), but they’re also ranked ahead of Carolina.  Unfortunately, the Sooners lost.  So now I’ve watched two of their games and they’ve dropped them both.  I’m jinxing them, it seems, but at least Duke is re-energized and winning.

Michael Mercer was pulling for Kansas, I’m guessing because it helped the Tar Heels, and lamented that we never pull for the same team.

Battle for Tobacco Road, an HBO documentary about the Duke-Carolina rivalry, aired tonight.  I was excited about watching it, but I forgot about it when I canceled my HBO service.  Guess I’ll have to catch it on disc.

Zach Dotsey