There’s a lot going on with little Milly Dotsey this week, developmentally speaking.  She should be up to about nine inches and a pound and a half, so Amanda should start feeling that weight before long.  Capillaries are forming under her skin and starting to fill with blood.

Her lungs are changing a lot too.  Milly’s lungs are developing air sacs in preparation of her first breaths.  They’re also developing something called surfactant, which is apparently something that helps the lungs expand after she’s born.  Her nostrils have been sealed up to this point, but they’re starting to open up.

Milly’s vocal cords are now functioning, and I don’t think they’ll ever stop.  As I mentioned a while ago, Talking is a genetic disorder passed down from female to female in Amanda’s family line, so my little girl is sure to have it too.