Michael Mercer’s car got towed today from his apartment complex.  As best we can tell, his parking tag fell off his window and blew out.  Amanda picked him up, took him to the towing company, then had to go to the bank because they only accepted cash, went back and paid it (we’re getting paid back) then headed on back to work.  She was pretty upset about it, and not at Michael.

I had a talk with Jeff Winchester about our small group today.  Amanda and I e-mailed him some thoughts on it last night and he called me back today.   I’ll get more into that as the story develops.

After work I went over the the Warkentien house to help Nick move a bed from what will be the baby’s room into what is currently  the computer room after moving a couch out of it, into the hallway and then, after the bed was moved, into the baby’s room.  Amanda, on the way home from work, picked up smoothies for all of us, so I headed on home to meet her there.  Nick and Amy followed a little while later.

We used the homemade photography studio to take some pictures of Amy, and I think they ended up turning out pretty good, though I have yet to go through them all.  We were going to play Settlers of Catan once Michael got to the house, but when he got there Amanda and I were showing Nick and Amy how to play Poker (we had a disagreement about the betting and, I’ll admit, Amanda was right about it), so we just ended up playing a few hands of Poker and hanging out.  We never did end up playing Catan.

Zach Dotsey