Amanda told me that this morning, while she was lying in bed, Milly gave such a big kick that she could see the movement underneath the layers of covers and the shirt she was wearing.  My little baby girl’s getting strong!

We had a lot on our slate today, but we didn’t get much of it done.  Amanda’s mom, Karen Mercer, called and said that she was at Independence Mall here in Wilmington.  She and a bunch of her friends, they’re called the Yo Yos, were staying at a beach house for the weekend and they all decided to head to the mall.  Amanda and I had to go there so Amanda could exchange something anyway, so we met Karen there then we saw everyone else at lunch.  Michael, who lives two roads adjacent from Oleander, where the mall is, stopped by for some eating too, before he had to head off to work.

That ate up most of our discretionary time, but we did manage to stop by Hot Wax to look at neoprene tops.  Barry suggested I have one for Costa Rica, so I was getting one early for my birthday.  We’d called Surf City first, since I have a credit there, but they didn’t have any my size.  I saw one I liked at Hot Wax, but we decided on the way back into town (we had to let the dogs out for a bit and pick up our gifts for Nick and Amy Warkentien’s baby shower) to see what was at 17th Street too.  I ended up liking one at 17th Street the best- it’s a beavertail and front-zip neoprene top.  It just felt really comfortable and, like any good surfing apparel, made me feel like I looked like a super hero.

Before we left the house again, we decided to let Harvey stay out of his crate while we were gone.  He did good.  The only thing we found out of place was a seashell from the TV stand.

Nick and Amy’s baby shower was at Joel and Mia’s.  They were there, it being their house and all, along with Paul and Meagan Wicker along with their one-month-old baby Hannah, Tim and Jenni Cain and, eventually, Mike and Kirsten Paschal.  Amy’s brother, Andrew Cuthbert, showed up with his friend, also named Andrew, a little later.  They’d just driven in from Michigan.

We hung out there for a while then eventually went home to find out home undestroyed by Harvey.  I called Ed Castro to talk to him about our feelings on the group dynamic for the small group we had formed.  I basically told him that we felt that we were at an entirely different lifestage from the rest of the people in the group and that I thought that he’d make a really good group leader.  He told me that it was something he had felt called to do but that he’d never stepped up to do, and chalked my call up to a God Thing.  Amanda and I are going over to his and Tina’s house tomorrow to talk about it more in depth with them.

Amanda and I watched 30 Rock and The Soup before she went to bed.  I watched the Duke at Virginia Tech game on the DVR.  I already knew Duke had won because I kept up with it on my iPhone at the baby shower, but I had read about a lot of outrageously bad calls and no-calls, such as Gerald Henderson being slapped with a technical foul after being fouled on a dunk and Kyle Singler getting an intentional-looking elbow to the throat without so much as a regular foul being called on the guy who hit him.

The DVR cut off the game at about the three minute mark, so I missed another controversial call.  The ball was inbounded to Jon Scheyer and he was pressured, eventually having to take a time out.  Scheyer had a pretty blatant travel which was apparently pointed out and played over and over again, but no mention was ever made of the two Hokies fouling him to try to stop the clock, which also went uncalled, and nobody ever called out the refs for missing the incident with Singler earlier.  People say that it should have been a turnover and Va Tech could have tied it up, which may be the case, but they could also have called the fouls and put Duke ahead two more points.

Anyway, Duke had another hard-fought road win against a team that always plays them tough, so I’ll take it.  Gerald Henderson and Kyle Singler each had 21 points I think, Henderson getting all but two of his in the first half with I believe the opposite happening for Singler.

Zach Dotsey