Harvey was very obnoxious last night/this morning.  He would stand next to the bed with his head just up over the edge and make noises at us, but he wouldn’t get back in bed.  I don’t think he had to go to the bathroom, because he’d been taken out just a few hours before.  It wasn’t pleasant, especially since I was getting up at 6:00 to be at Port City Community Church by 6:30 to run a camera today.

I thought I left too late to make it by 6:30, but I ended up getting there right on the dot.  Not that it would have mattered a great deal I think, but still.  I had a good time shooting today.  I think I was a bit more comfortable in operating the camera, mixing up the shots a bit, things like that.

We started a new series today about lust, and I think Mike Ashcraft, our preacher, knocked it out of the park.  We were all listening in the green room (where the band and production people go during the service) and I listened to it again when I sat with Amanda and Michael at the 10:30 service.

I saw Kristen Barriner today after the 8:30 and talked to her a bit.  It was her birthday today, actually.  I knew hers was coming up (as it’s only a few days before mine), but I had forgotten that today was March 1.  We talked for a bit and she told me she also really liked today’s message.

Amanda and I also saw Mike and Kaitlyn Boscaljon and talked to them for a few.  I’ve seen Mike in the past few weeks, surfing and all, but it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve seen Kaitlyn.

I hadn’t talked to Mike Ashcraft one on one in quite a while, so I waited around a few minutes after the 12:30 service just to tell him that everyone I talked to today really liked the message and that it spoke personally to things for me in my past and particularly helped me think about things for my future, what with having a girl and all.

After I got home from church Amanda and I went to Ed and Tina Castro’s house.  They live off the same road as Nick and Amy Warkentien, which is maybe five minutes from our house.  I really liked their place- it’s on a little dirt road and they have some land and woods nearby.  Reminded me a lot of Rougemont.

Anyway, we got to hang out with them and met Ed’s brother, Brian, who is my age, as well as their youngest son, Matthew, who I think had a little crush on Amanda.  They had a heck of a spread for lunch and while we did talk about the whole small group thing some, we mostly just chatted and conversated.  I really like that family and we had a real good time with them.

We were there a little longer than we planned on, which wasn’t an issue except that when we got back we decided that Harvey had lost the privilege that he’d just earned back.  The seashell was moved again, which isn’t a big deal, but we found a piece of metal as well.  After we figured out what the piece of metal was we put together that Harvey had eaten a suede handbag.  He had eaten it.  The whole thing.  Amanda said it had been on the trunk by the door behind a shpping bag, so he had gone out of his way to find this handbag (which Amanda had bought for Kim’s funeral) and eaten the entire thing.  All that was left was the clasp and, as we later found, pieces of the zipper.

After being really irritated about that we watched two episodes of Friday Night Lights, even though we’d meant to catch a few of them online that we’d missed when the DVR mysteriously decided not to record them, then a Best of Tracy Morgan Saturday Night Live thing.  Amanda went to bed and I watched a little of the NC State vs. Maryland game.  The Terps won.  They just might make it to the NCAA Tournament this year.

Zach Dotsey