Amanda called to say she saw some flurries, probably about like the ones I saw yesterday.

Triceps sore, so I didn’t go work out.

Talked to Baba for a bit today. Helped me with some family history. Asked how Pap was doing in the nursing home. Said some days he was a little confused.

Read what I could scrounge up of Watchmen. Could only find just over half the issues. What a great book!

Phil and Danny came by, had spaghetti dinner, talked about a marketing thing.

Watched the Duke vs. FSU game in the back while Amanda watched The Bachelor. He chose one then dumped her and chose the other.

Duke won a tough game, trailed six at the half. Seniors started, Lance Thomas injured his ankle early. Foul trouble on the bigs. Singler had a great second half. Elliot Williams had a great game. Jon Scheyer had some key steals. End had laughable no-call foul when Williams got literally run over, a jump ball that should have been a foul, a silly flop that had Henderson laughing and a final second three pointer by Toney Douglas that I knew he’d hit ahead of time.

Zach Dotsey