Called Dad on the way to Barry’s office to work out to wish him a happy birthday.  Mom got him MarioKart and a dancing game for the Wii.  I think it’s awesome that my parents bought and play with a Nintendo Wii.

Saw Barry when I was done working out, said waves were starting small and building through the week, gives me and Michael a chance to get used to them.

Erin called to tell me happy birthday as I was on my way home, Aunt Robbie called and we talked about basketball, Ben Lambeth called, Mike Boscaljon called- he and Kaitlyn are moving into a rental house today. Was going to see about helping them, but I was talking to Mom (asked about surfing) when he called back about it and when I called him back I didn’t get an answer.

Michael came over, gave me Killzone 2. Amanda got home, Adam arrived with pizza. Andra called, talked to Jackson for a few minutes. Adam’s back was hurting so he took off.

I opened cards. Renee Sikes called. Karen called, Phil called, Earl called. We watched How I Met Your Mother, Heroes, Big Bang Theory, Lost. Nick called. Seeing Watchmen with him, Amy and the Andrews tomorrow.

A note about this 31st birthday of mine: This is the least excited I think I’ve ever been about a birthday.  I don’t mean that in a negative way, but I just didn’t feel much anticipation leading up to it and it didn’t feel like too important a day, despite all the calls and Facebook messages I got.  I think part of it is me just growing up, but another part of it is all the other stuff I have going on in my life.  I’m heading to Costa Rica this weekend and in just a few months I’ll be a daddy.  I had thought it already, but Lauren Millard pointed out on a Facebook message that this was going to be my last birthday before daddyhood.  Really, the birthday itself pales in comparison.

Zach Dotsey