I feel bad about the small group I’m trying to get going for Ed Castro. One of the couples decided they can’t do the small group so there’s just the two couples.

Amanda and I met with Mike and Sarah Nowak, who contacted us via Group Finder about joining small group. Ate at Brixx, had a good time with them.

Went home, waited around for a while and watched some TV before the midnight show of Watchmen. Earlier in the day I’d gone to Mayfaire to get tickets for me, Amanda, Nick and Amy and the Andrews. I was told when I bought them that two screens had already sold out and the third was about to be.

The girls ended up not going. Amy had to work at 6am and Amanda just couldn’t make it that late, but I was able to get a refund for those two tickets.

Enjoyed it overall. Very faithful to the movie with dialogue, scenery and shots. Ending was a bit different.

Got home around 3:30. I think that’s the latest I’ve gotten home probably since college.

Zach Dotsey