Amanda took the day off today so she could spend some time with me before not seeing me for a week. We spent the morning together, finished getting everything packed away then headed out for just a bit.

The first thing we intended to do was to drop off the recycling, but we found out that due to people making a mess there they were no longer doing it at the Lowes Food and the next closest recycling center is off of Market, which is very inconvenient. We’ve decided that we’re just going to drop it off at Wrightsville Beach when we go out there from now on.

Other than that we got some stuff from Target, picked up my paycheck and went to the bank before coming home to hang out for a bit more. On the way to Anna and Barry’s we dropped off a check for the mortgage and got some smoothies for lunch.

Amanda did pretty good when we left; I expected her to be more teary than she was. I think after we left she and Anna were going to go walk on the beach. Karen Mercer, Amanda’s mom, is coming to stay with her for the weekend. She was supposed to be there around 3, but she hadn’t even called Amanda by the time Barry, Hannah, Michael and I took off at about a quarter of four.

I’m going to miss Amanda and kissing her belly every morning and night. I’m going to miss my days with Harvey and Bruce, but I’m really excited about this trip to Costa Rica.

Right now we’re about halfway to Charlotte.

Zach Dotsey