We stopped in Matthews, just outside of Charlotte, for dinner at Logan’s. I texted Amanda and she was jealous, but when I talked to her later she said she and her mom (who got to Wilmington around 5:30) had been eating at Outback, which is one of my favorite restaurants.

From Logan’s we headed on to the hotel, though we got turned around a little here and there.

Michael and I are sharing a queen sized bed and Hannah said we looked a little funny together like that. Eveyone seems to be a little gassy tonight.

Getting up early in the morning to make sure there’s time at the airport to check in Barry and Hannah’s boards. The plane leaves at 11 or 11:30 and we’re getting up starting at 7:00.

This time tomorrow, after a four hour plane ride and two to three hour drive, I’ll be in Nosara, Costa Rica, the farthest south I’ll ever have been, not to mention it’ll be the first time I’ll have seen the Pacific Ocean.

Zach Dotsey