To get to Nosara we went on paved roads for quite a long while then dirt roads for I’d guess about an hour.  These were no ordinary dirt roads though.  In many places they were worn away where I guess floods had just removed chunks of the side of the road.  And there weren’t very many guard rails.  But eventually, somehow without maps or street signs, we arrived in Nosara, Costa Rica.  Well, we were following Warren Phillips, who apparently knew the way.

The first thing we did upon arrival at La Casa Romantica was to walk on down to the beach.  It was pretty dark already as the sun had gone down, but the moon was pretty full so we could see well.  Michael and I walked on out to the water, which was colder than I expected, for a moment.  That was the first time (he or) I had ever seen or touched the Pacific Ocean.

The beach there is very cool.  There are large rock formations sheltering the beach on either side.  I can’t wait to get out there and surf in it tomorrow.

The people at La Casa Romantica were extremely nice.  It’s run by a family (I think they’re Swiss) and their two little daughters have pretty free run of the place.  The younger one, Sophie or Sofia, I think her name was, kept running up to us all and hugging our legs and making nonsensical noise at us.  After a few minutes she favored making monkey noises and poses.  I don’t know if she already knew it or was just imitating me doing that for her.

We unpacked and had dinner with Warren and Torri.  The food was excellent.

Warren, a Carolina fan, mentioned that there might be places around here to watch their matchup with Duke tomorrow.  I had already resigned myself to not watching it, but now I kind of want to.

Michael and I swam in the pool for a bit.  Barry was going to join us but it was a little cold and we didn’t stay in very long.  Surfing seems to have helped my swimming.  At one point I was swimming leisurely on my back, looking up at the stars and wishing Amanda could be here with me to experience this place.

Barry warned us of scorpions and said he’d found one in his bed under the sheets.  I didn’t have my glasses on and couldn’t really make out the paper he said he killed one with, but Michael did say he saw a small blood stain.

The only complaint I have about La Casa Romantica so far is that the sewage system apparently sucks and you can’t flush toilet paper.  Instead you have to put it in a trash can next to the toilet.  As far as that goes, Barry’s gone and Michael’s gone, Hannah’s tried but has as of yet been unable to and I haven’t needed to since Wilmington, which is a little odd for me.

Zach Dotsey